Thursday, 16 August 2018



Today we will be learning about the brain and how it works.

Have you ever heard that you do have eyes at the back of your head. Cause your seeing brain is at the back of your head. We will learn more through the story.

The hearing brain.
Sound repetition allows us to memorize complex sounds in a very quick, effective and durable way. According to new research, this form of auditory learning is believed to occur in daily life to help us identify and memorize sound patterns. It allows, for example, immediate recognition of sounds which become familiar through experience, such as the voice of relatives. The same mechanism is involved in the relearning of certain sounds, in particular when using hearing aids. People use hearing aids to hear better. Hearing aids have speakers that turn up the volume of the sound. Your hearing brain is useful for e.x. The words of songs.

Your memory.
After consolidation, long-term memories are stored throughout the brain as groups of neurons. They are primed to fire together in the same pattern that created the original experience. Each component of a memory is stored in the brain area that initiated it. The memories are stored in the temporal lobe (thinking brain).

The speed of thought
Your brain contains billions of nerve cells arranged in patterns that coordinate thought, emotion, behavior, movement and sensation. The brain thoughts move at over 156 - 270 miles per hour (251 - 434 km/h) and 70 - 120 meters per second!

In conclusion, you can’t live without your brain cause it controls all of your body
Thank you  I hope you enjoyed. :)

Monday, 23 July 2018

My term 3 letter.

Hello everyone, welcome to term 3!
I went to Holland with my family and skipped the last 2 weeks of term 2. I will tell you a little bit of my holiday. So we flew from Christchurch to Singapore then from Singapore to Istanbul and flew to Athens, Athens to Paris, and to a fast train that went over not 100, not 200 but 300 kh to Amsterdam. then we flew back to Singapore then to Christchurch again. It took a long time to get to Amsterdam and at Hoogmade, (hoke mader) we had a family barbeque with over 100 relatives. We went there to see our HOLE family and my grandma's sake

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Asteroid - Just a story I wrote

Describing a situation

I've been working on describing a situation. I've tried to give a picture in the mind of the reader. 😀

By James

Episode: TNT

Let me describe one of the dumbest situation’s from the dumbest time with a kid that was the dumbest of the dumb...

Once upon a time a person fell into a hole (near some other holes) with TNT in it.
A wee bit away, a very dumb kid was walking down a hill, and tripped and landed next to a huge brown button.
"Ouch!" he said.
With no time wasted, he made a decision. He was going to press that button. Then he heard a voice from out of the dark gloomy hole.
Don’t press the button!
He thought it was his imagination, so he pressed it. It was actually the electricity dispenser, so all the power went out and he heard the voice again.
“Good. Now go and get a ladder please.

Oooh, he saw another button and walked over to it.
“Is this the ladder?” he asked.
“Yes? Ok.”
He pressed the button and the hole exploded!
“Well good bye” he said, just before he teetered back and fell into another hole...

...A wee bit away, a very dumb kid was walking down a hill, and tripped and landed next to a huge brown button...

About me 2018

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My 2018 letter

Hi everyone its 2018!
I'm really looking forward to blogging with you during the year. If you want me to blog about something just comment on my latest post.
I hope I'll make more and more friends from now on, I'm really excited!
from James